Grants can be a great way to
ONE to your program!


Grants that support ONE's goals of providing breastfeeding support and nutrition education in a modern digital format that will contribute to positive developmental and health outcomes for families are often available through The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) WIC Special Projects Grants. Grants through FNS are available on a competitive basis to test innovative projects that have the potential to improve and enhance the WIC program. Check out the FNS website or contact your State or Regional WIC program for more information.

Wisconsin and Michigan State WIC Programs are great examples of how to add ONE to your program's toolbox using a grant. Both programs were awarded funding through the USDA/Tufts THIS-WIC telehealth innovation grant to pilot ONE. Through these collaborations, we expect to add even more features to ONE that will be transferable to WIC agencies and ONE users across the country.


Wisconsin - Online Nutrition Education (ONE) in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s THIS-WIC project has a focus on implementing and enhancing ONE to support and streamline remote services, including an evaluation of the use of ONE with Spanish speaking participants.


Wisconsin WIC plans to develop a multifaceted mobile-optimized website through the ONE system, an innovative tool that will combine videoconferencing, online nutrition education, including lessons and supporting secondary material ,and a link to their existing WIC App. Through the tool, qualified WIC professionals will be able to share key information and content with participants, and participants will be able to use the materials in their own time.

Michigan - Michigan Telehealth Project Advancing WIC

Michigan’s THIS-WIC project has a focus on integrating telehealth into the delivery of nutrition education and breastfeeding support services, including the use of ONE during video-conference appointments. 


Michigan WIC will implement a pilot study in six rural counties to integrate telehealth technology into their delivery of nutrition education and breastfeeding support services to participants virtually. Telehealth appointments will allow certified professionals to provide high-risk follow-up and secondary education to families. Staff will receive training throughout the study period on the telehealth solution.

We’ve compiled a list of funding opportunities that WIC and other agencies can explore. Your State or Regional office is also a valuable resource for grant opportunities.

Reach out to us today to discuss grant opportunities available for your agency!