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Success Starts With You

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Serving WIC Full Circle

Every day you and your participants are on a journey,

and together you cultivate success along the way. 

Let ONE support your WIC Community and its healthy outcomes because we know there is no end on this circular path, just a beginning. 

Interactive, WIC-Specific Education


With all content written by RDN’s with a combined 45+ years of experience in local WIC agencies, ONE’s Interactive Nutrition Tools are developed to support WIC Staff expertise and rapport building with participants. ONE’s interactive visual tools support VENA and allow WIC staff to create stronger, person-centered experiences with participants, especially when time is limited during sessions and while conducting telehealth appointments.

The clear and colorful visual tools in ONE are especially helpful when you can't describe a topic easily with just spoken words. Curing key informant interviews, WIC Nutritionists from across the country told us that they and participants would benefit from using a nutrition education platform that supports visual learning, which is why we built ONE for WIC!

Learn more about our research findings here. 



Colorful Visual Tools

Reinforce WIC Education During and After Appointments

Imagine being able to click ‘Share’ during or after a counseling session

to instantly send your WIC families the research-based nutrition education you talked about, in a digital format, instead of searching for a paper handout. ONE features the same trusted education you know from Nutrition Matters paper materials. For example, if you’re a fan of our Iron for Older Babies & Toddlers clinic tear pad… that education is now on ONE!

An Affordable and Sustainable Solution for your WIC Agency

Our team has dedicated its time to develop and provide WIC agencies across the country a cost-effective platform that gives you and your team the variety of education the families you work with need to drive greater participant engagement. Did you know that the typical WIC family throughout the year receives less than 5% of the content available to them on ONE when just receiving paper handouts?


Not only is ONE designed to be the tool to enhance your expertise, rapport, and goal setting in the clinic, you can trust that your WIC families have the education and resources they may need to answer questions and gather helpful ideas 24/7. 


Click to learn about our packages and how ONE is fully customizable

to your state or local agency needs.

WIC Community Favorites

In both English and Spanish, participants now have unlimited access to the education you shared with them.


Articles, recipes, and lessons not only on nutrition education, but growth and development, cooking and food preparation, and general parenting questions WIC receives daily.


Designed like social media channels today's parents navigate daily, ONE will increase the perceived value of the WIC program for participants and they will view WIC as their preferred source of nutrition information.

ONE is a mobile-optimized website that is designed to function like an app. ONE's design makes it easier for smartphone users with limited data plans and memory space to be able to access nutrition education on their devices.

ONE is secure and meets the criteria for HIPAA eligibility and can process regulated health information (PHI). Contact the sales team to request even more information about ONE’s security at 

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