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Our Experienced Team of 
Registered Dietitians

ONE's research-based nutrition education is written

by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who are specialized

in pediatric, maternal, and public health nutrition. 

Our RDN authors prioritize and continually update content on ONE to align with 

recommendations from USDA, FNS, AAP, CDC, and MyPlate. Content is reviewed to meet readability, health literacy and plain language guidelines. 

Read how their experience makes ONE so special...


Cheryl Yarrington

    MS, RDN, CD, CLE

    founder/owner, public health nutritionist and author

Nutrition Matters started in my basement 24 years ago, and has grown

to be a major supplier of nutrition education materials for public health programs in all 50 states. My love for writing and creating started in the

WIC Program, where I was Director/Nutritionist for our local WIC Program for 17 years, along with an additional 13 years as a WIC Nutritionist in multiple local agencies.


I love creating nutrition education, and I’m excited to be developing a digital format of education that we know families will love and want with colorful visuals and talking points that will enhance the participant and Nutritionists experience in the clinic or over telehealth!

I think participants will benefit from the many easy nutrition tips, snack and meal ideas, recipes using WIC foods, and parenting ideas on ONE that they can access anytime, anywhere. As a nana, It’s been awesome to watch our little ones learn how to breastfeed, eat finger foods, use a spoon, try new foods and enjoy eating. I’m always amazed at every step our grandkids take!


Susan Krahn

    MS, RDN, CD, CLC

     writer and ONE product expert

I worked for 9+ years at a local health department with WIC, obesity prevention, and communications. I joined the Nutrition Matters team in 2019 and am excited to create nutrition education that supports your work - empowering parents to raise healthy families!


After the team’s many years of research and care to develop a digital tool, the most exciting part is seeing the content live and being used by participants! It was a great learning experience to transform nutrition education that has traditionally been shared in print into a digital format that is easy to read and use on a mobile device.  


I love making healthy, fun and delicious food for my family. My 8-year old daughter loves helping me test recipes for work and loves to eat almost every fruit and vegetable. My 6-year old son loves to run with me and would prefer to eat breakfast cereal at every meal!


Robin Fedie

I have worked as a hospital clinical dietitian, WIC dietitian and as a consultant. Nutrition has so much potential to improve people’s lives. Our nutrition education gives families information and tools they can use to make healthy choices the easy choices. 


As a dietitian, mom and grandma it is rewarding to be part of a team that helps families meet the challenge of healthy eating in their busy lives. My hope is that participants will access ONE when it is convenient for them and find the information valuable in meeting their nutrition and health goals for their families. I truly look forward to bringing our customers even more education and ideas!

    BS, RDN, CD


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