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The social cognitive theory for behavior change centers around the idea that people learn not only through their own experiences, but also by observing the actions of others and through social reinforcements.


Reciprocal Determinism

Content is written in a conversational format that supports the interaction of the client, environment (other families with small children) and behaviors.

Behavioral Capability

Tools, articles and lessons offer practical ideas for clients to help know what to do and how to do it in order to successfully choose a healthy behavior.

The education within ONE embraces the fact that we need to offer clients the basic skills needed to make a dietary or lifestyle change, but also the social and emotional reinforcement to promote self-efficacy. Content of the articles and lessons in ONE supports the 6 constructs of Social Cognitive Theory.

Here’s how:


Observational Learning - Examples of how other families have conducted a behavior are offered in order for participants to observe and then replicate.

Reinforcements - Positive and/or negative external responses to a behavior are often offered.

Expectations - Anticipated consequences of a client’s behavior as experienced by others are offered in order to guide behavior change.

Self-efficacy - Clients are encouraged to identify their desired next steps after completing a lesson or reading an article. These are communicated back to the nutrition education professionals and can be reinforced at future appointments. This supports the client’s confidence in their ability to successfully perform a behavior.

Additionally, ONE’s nutrition education tools embrace the concepts of visual learning theory. When nutrition education professionals use a visual nutrition tool to guide nutrition education and goal setting, the client will better understand and retain information by associating ideas, words and concepts with images. Those same visuals appear in the client’s ONE account, reinforcing learning after their appointment.


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