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With ONE, you can recommend lesson to

reinforce learning after a counseling session!

ONE’s self-paced nutrition education lessons are modern and easy for the

participant to complete, and complement the core nutrition and breastfeeding education topics

that WIC Staff would use on ONE during a counseling session or appointment. While using ONE,

WIC Staff can recommend a ONE lesson topic based on the participant’s needs and goals,

further personalizing and enhancing the WIC experience. 

Designed with behavior change theory and best practices from plain language and health literacy, the lessons on ONE guide participants towards goal setting in a conversational format. They blend emotion-based messages with basic skills and practical tips, and offer examples of how other families have made healthy changes. They are designed to be completed in

5-8 minutes and cover 1-2 objectives, and provide clear and relevant “how to” actions to accomplish a change or goal.

Participants have the option to complete short nutrition

education lessons between in-person or remote appointments

as part of their online secondary nutrition education requirement to receive WIC benefits. Lessons can be completed on a mobile device, tablet or computer. Participants can return to a class at

a later date if it is not completed all at one time.

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 1.57.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 3.33.24 PM.png

Lesson completions and the goals

or next steps identified by the participant can be easily referenced

by WIC Staff, and can be reinforced

at future appointments to support

the participant’s confidence in his

or her ability to successfully

perform a behavior.


Additionally, lesson completion information from ONE can be integrated into an agency’s MIS system, reducing staff workload

and streamlining secondary

nutrition education and benefit issuance procedures. 

See self-paced,
personalized online lessons in action!

To learn more about sharing education with families,

sign up for a free 30-minute preview!

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