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Building on our strong history of developing nutrition education for WIC in print for over 25 years, the Nutrition Matters team of RDNs, graphic designers, photographers, and account managers have transformed our evidence-based materials into a digital format.


ONE's content experts partnered with an academic researcher to make ONE a valuable, effective and streamlined digital solution for WIC staff and participants.

Our Research & Pilot Testing Phases

Market Conversations

In spring of 2019, we held one-on-one conversations with WIC staff from state, ITOs, and local programs to learn about the needs and priorities for digital education.

Observation Sessions

In summer of 2019, we observed assessment and counseling sessions in Illinois WIC Clinics in the Chicago area. We were able to observe when and what visuals were being used. With feedback from WIC staff, we were able to identify where a visual could have been used for a resource and when and how the participant was offered and accepted nutrition education.

Key Informant Interviews

In spring of 2020, we spoke with a variety of state and local WIC staff as key informants to gain insights related to adopting technology and digital education.

Pilot Testing & Survey 

In fall 2020, we worked with over 50 WIC staff members from across the country to pilot test ONE and gather feedback on specific features.

Feedback from WIC staff across the country has influenced

the design, features, and user experience in each step of ONE’s development!


Evidence-based, using sources you trust.

ONE's authors rely on evidence-based recommendations from leading organizations to create the content found in ONE:

     Launching New Digital Tools for WIC Participants: A Guide for WIC Agencies

     By Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Social Interest Solutions, and National WIC Association


     Health Literacy Online: A Guide for Simplifying the User Experience

     From US Dept of Health and Human Services’ Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


     CDC’s Health Literacy website & Federal Plain Language Guidelines

Connect with us to learn how you can pilot ONE!

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